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This Blog is mostly self-funded and maintained, but from time to time I do get help from sponsors in the form of products to review. Below is a list of the companies that have helped Must Contain Minis along with links to some of the products that they have provided.


Osprey Publishing
Osprey Publishing has been a most excellent sponsor in sending products to review. They have sent Konflikt '47, Rogue Stars, Dragon Rampant, Chosen Men, Elf Warfare, Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives, Bolt Action: Campaign: Sea Lion, Mad Dogs with Guns and Shahrazad. They also sent some historical books for general reading. Thank you so much for everything that you have sent. I hope to review many more of your products in the future.

Asmodee is a fantastic game publishing and distribution company. They have sent a Review Copy of the new Conan Board Game as well as Runewars: The Miniatures Game.

Cigar Box Battle
Cigar Box Battle is an excellent company that specializes in making Fleece Battle Mats for Miniature Wargames. They have been very generous to Must Contain Minis and sent two beautiful 6' by 4' (plus) Battle Mats (their Frozen Ruins Mat and Europe 1 Mat).

RAINN Studios
RAINN Studios makes modular terrain tiles that can be used for Wargaming or RPG Gaming. They sent Must Contain Minis their entire Terra Tile Collection to this date including The Misty Moorlands, Coasts and Rivers, Tundras and Wastelands, and the Battle Pack Stand Up 3D Terrain for Review.
XOLK is a new company out of Quebec specializing in MDF Buildings. I am very excited to be working with them and to see what they have coming out in the future. It is very nice to see a Canadian Miniatures company that manufactures MDF Buildings and Ruins. So far, they have sent me the Normand House in Ruins, Wooden Bridge, Ruined Foundations, and their 15th Century Urban Dwelling.

Firelock Games
Firelock games produces an excellent Historical Pirates game that is one the prettiest tabletop games that I have ever seen. I am very thankful that they sent  a French Nation Starter Bundle and a Rulebook. They also sent a Spanish Nation Starter Set. I am really looking forward to getting them on the table!

Fat Dragon Games
Fat Dragon Games has sent Must Contain Minis several 3D Printer Files (STLs) to Review from their Village Collection.

Emergent Games 

Emergent Games sent Must Contain Minis the board game Fireteam Zero along with a couple of expansions. Thanks for sending this game. So far, it looks very exciting!!!

Black Scrolls Games

Black Scrolls Games sent Must Contain Minis printed copies of their Tropical Islands Terrain Cards and their Trenches Terrain Cards.

Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games
Matthew Sears from Hyacinth Games (the makers of Wreck Age) has sent a number of PDF books for review. I took a quick look through their core rule book and their newest expansion, Shangri La and wrote about my thoughts on the game. Thank you for sending these games.

North Star Military Figures

Nick Eyre of North Star Military Figures sent Must Contain Minis four Chilopendra Miniatures and a Centipede Demon Miniature. Thanks Nick! I love the miniatures from North Star!!!

Forbes Hobbies
Forbes Hobbies is my favourite Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) because they support most of the games that I play. They also have the best gaming space in my area! Many of my Battle Reports have been shot there and Jeremy Cada (one of the Store Owners) has lent his talents to the site by providing Must Contain Minis with Commission Painting on some miniatures. At this time, Jeremy painted the Centipede Demon and Chilopendra Miniatures sent by North Star. A selection of Battle Reports shot at Forbes Hobbies includes "In The Clutches of the Picts (Conan)," "Bolt Action British vs Germans," and "TANKS: 65 Point Battle."


Must Contain Minis is an affiliate of the WargameVault and DriveThruRPG.com. By clicking on the links to those online stores and purchasing something from there, Must Contain Minis receives a small portion of the sales. 

Wargame Vault


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These are companies that I hold in the highest regard and have some interactions with but are not necessarily sponsors. 
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