Welcome to Must Contain Minis. This Blog is about Miniature Games and Board Games Containing Miniatures. Currently, the focus of this site is mostly on Frostgrave, Bolt Action, and other games by Osprey Publishing. That said, other games certainly do enter the mix (especially those affordable to play or ran in a convention setting). Part of my goal with this site is to shed some light onto miniature products that catch my eye and onto lesser known companies in the industry. 

Like many gamers, I started in miniatures by collecting figures from the biggest miniatures company out there. Their constant price-hikes took me out of the miniatures game as I no longer wanted to pay their prices. To get my miniatures fix, I would buy Board Games with figures in them and paint those minis. This treated me well for a while, but I was missing working on truly great miniatures. One year, with encouragement from my wife, I decided to go to Hotlead (an annual Miniatures convention in Stratford, Ontario, Canada). There, I came across demo games of all types and I suddenly realized that the big miniature manufacturers were not the only players out there. There are tons of options. 

My eyes instantly opened and I bought into RAFM: USX Heroes, RAFM: Death in the Dark and Reaper Miniatures' Warlord Game at that convention. I consider my collections a revolving project, so I have sold off some of my collections to finance newer endeavors. I enjoy reading multiple rule sets and am constantly on the lookout for great ways to game at affordable prices. My readers will notice the theme of gaming on a budget in my Blog from time to time and I will make efforts to also help others game affordably. 

Check back on this site often for Battle Reports, Reviews and Showcases. If you like what you see here, please head on over to my Facebook Page and give it a like. You can also get in touch with me through email at mustcontainminis@gmail.com

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