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Showcase: Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders by Ullr's Table (Age of Sigmar)

We don't often write about Games Workshop products, but today will be an exception. In this post, we take a look at The Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders set for Age of Sigmar painted by Ullr's Table.

Now, let's take a closer look at these minis (all pictures by Robert Morris of Ullr's Table and slightly edited by Jacob Stauttener).

Beastclaw Raiders
This is a close up of the face on the Ogor Lord's mount.

The Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders set is a collection of Ogors, or as we in other systems know them as... Ogres.  :)

An Ogre on a Serious Warmount
Check out this guy!!! He is definitely the commander in the group.

Rear of an Ogor Leader on a mount
A look at the beast from the rear. The last Ogor that challenged this man to his claim on leadership is now obviously dead and his tongue is fastened to the back of this war-mount as a trophy.

Profile shot of an Ogor Leader
A shot from the side. Nice looking model.

Just like any good leader, this guy needs a group to lead. Of the four troops, the one with the gun is my favourite. Below are pictures of that group.

Ogor Gunman
An Ogor with a Gun.

Profile shot of the Ogor Gunman
Aside from the leader, this one is my favourite of the group.

Ogor Polearm Soldier on a Mount
An Ogor with a polearm. 

Mounted Ogre Musician
An Ogor Horn Blower.

Mounted Ogor Standard Bearer
The Flag Bearer. 

While these models are meant for Age of Sigmar, I could imagine any one of them (especially the leader) being used as a really nice proxy miniature to represent Kornovik the Barbarian Outcast for people into Frostgrave (a character from Forgotten Pacts).

Special thanks goes out again to Robert Morris of Ullr's Table for taking these pictures and allowing Must Contain Minis to share them with its readers. Ullr's Table did an excellent job painting them up. If you haven't heard of Ullr's Table, they are a Commission Painting Service that we have posted about a couple of times before. If you want to see more of Rob's work, check out...
Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Written by Jacob Stauttener
Photos by Robert Morris
Photos Edited by Jacob Stauttener

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Blood & Plunder Boucaniers Showcase

Today's post is a quick showcase of the French Boucaniers that I painted up for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games. Special thanks goes out to the guys at Firelock games for sending these miniatures for Review Purposes.

Blood & Plunder Boucaniers Showcase / Review Firelock games
French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

I will admit, right off the top that I am not going for a competition level paint job on these figures. I generally go for tabletop quality and am trying to paint these guys up quickly for the Table Top Commanders Forum Winter Warmer Challenge. For that challenge, I pledged to paint up my 25 French Blood & Plunder miniatures by the end of December.

In the hands of a true professional, the miniatures look amazing!!! See below for a picture of how they look on Firelock Games' website. More article below the picture.

French Boucaniers from Firelock Games Website
Image from Firelock Games' Webstore. The figures here look absolutely amazing!

The figures above look absolutely amazing. Mine look okay too, but not to the level that the guys from Firelock Games achieved.

My figures are a little darker, but I was going for a dirty look. I figured that my Boucaniers have been hunting in the woods so I went for a grimier look. Like the Captain that I painted, I wanted to paint the miniatures up in three colours. Unfortunately, I could not get the paints for these figures down to three either. Instead, I used 5 colours and 2 washes (followed by an extremely quick dry brush of the original colours).

Painting up French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder
Each miniature ended up with five colours. On the group, I used two different skin tones as I wanted some of them to be more tanned than the others. I used two browns (one for wood, one for leather), a German Camo Beige for the clothing, skin tone, and a tanned yellow for the base. Not counted, but also used on the models is a touch of chainmail for the metal bits and red for a feather.    :)  

The Picture above is from when I was at my favourite FLGS that also has a Painting Bar!

After I finished these models off at home, I made a small discovery. The discovery is that I need to change my transport method for Miniatures as I chipped a little bit of the paint.

To transport them, I rolled them up in Paper towel and tossed them in a freezer bag. This works with my lighter miniatures but with these all metal figures, it did not work so well. You may notice some of the paint chips as we zoom in closer on the specific miniatures.

I didn't notice until I completed the miniatures and took these pictures.  :(

French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder
Another shot of my French Boucaniers.

Now let's take a closer look.

French Boucanier Miniature

French Boucanier Miniature with foot on treasure
This one is one of my favourites of the set. 

French Boucanier Miniature Firelock Games
A very sharp looking mini without too much work to paint up.

French Boucanier Miniature - Closer look at the base
I really like that they made a small canvas treasure bag for under his foot. 

French Boucanier Miniature
This is my second favourite of the set.

French Boucanier Miniature

French Boucanier Miniature
The red I used for the feather. I also did not count the red towards the "used colours" total.  :)

French Boucanier Miniature
Notice the toe on this one. I made a mistake with it. I did not realize that they had long shoes when I got the pack and trimmed the foot off thinking it was flashing. If you get this model, the long shoes are not flash from the model making process. It is supposed to be there.  Who knew?   :)

For a quick paint job, they turned out okay. It is too bad that the paint chips are visible, but from a tables' length, those chips disappear. Again, I am going to have to figure out a better way to transport these minis and probably hit them with a seal of varnish too.

If you get these miniatures, keep in mind that the shoes are supposed to be long. I cut off one of the shoe tips on a miniature because I didn't realize that they had long shoes (I thought it was flashing).

French Boucanier Miniatures for Blood & Plunder - Firelock Games
From a Table's length, these minis look pretty good.

Overall, these are some nice minis. It adds a bit of a challenge that they have mustaches to paint on the figures, but they come out fairly nice. I am really looking forward to getting these on the tabletop.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: These miniatures were part of a starter sent to Must Contain Minis for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Journey to the Tree of Sorrows - Contest

Check out this prize that someone out there can win!!! Simply Awesome!!!

This is the grand-prize for joining the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows' newsletter. Picture from Infinite Black's Twitter Page.
This grand-prize is from the folks behind a new gaming story ("arc") called Journey to the Tree of Sorrows. Heath Robinson and David LaRocca are the people behind this "story arc" and plan to develop Board Games, Stories and even an RPG all drawing from an HP Lovecraft inspired world. They call this setting the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows.

To enter their contest, all one has to do is sign up for their newsletter. This will enter you into the lowest tier where you could win a set of HP Lovecraft inspired pins.

After that, there are three other prize tiers (different prizes) that you can work yourself into.

If you enter and can get some of your friends to enter with a special link, then you are entered into a larger draw that includes both the pins and a Cthulhu Idol. The next tier, enters you into a draw for the above package plus a box of TerraTiles: Tundras and Wastelands. Finally, if enough people join off of your link, you get entered into a draw for the grand prize worth $500. The Grand Prize draw includes all of the above plus a Dwarven Forge Hand Painted Dungeon. Wow!

In the interest of full disclosure, the links within this article help my chances towards those draws as I too have entered the contest.

That said, I know Heath from some of his earlier projects and he continues to impress me. On this site, we have Reviews of multiple sets of TerraTiles along with some posts about Incantris. Heath was a part of putting together both of those product lines. I am really looking forward to seeing what he and David LaRocca have in store for us in the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows.

A picture of Heath with the Grand Prize. How cool would that be to get on your table? Picture from Infinite Black's Twitter Page.

Don't forget to enter the contest, for a chance to win a prize. All one has to do is sign up for their newsletter!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Review: Highland Special Weapons by Pulp Figures (Alternative 28mm WW2 Miniatures)

One of the companies that I really like is Pulp Figures. This is the company of sculptor Bob Murch, who has done plenty of work for other companies including RAFM and Crucible Crush. Today, we take a look and give a bit of a review of his British Empire: Highland Special Weapons pack (PBT 11).

Review of Pulp Figures WW2 British Highland Special Weapons Miniatures
A Review of PULP FIGURES 28mm Highland Special Weapons Pack (from the British Empire Line - PBT 11)
These miniatures are the second pack of miniatures that I bought by Pulp Figures. The first was the Highland Rifles Pack. For both sets of miniatures, I bought them at conventions from a booth ran by Crucible Crush.

Even unpainted, these miniatures look pretty sharp. There are lots of raised details and the miniatures themselves look very appealing.

WW2 Soldiers in Kilts Unpainted
My unpainted British Highland Special Weapons miniatures. The detail levels on these miniatures are nice and pronounced. The miniatures paint up very quickly and look great. You can see in the picture above that I cut off the integrated stands, but leave a portion of the stand just under the figures' feet. This extra height raises the miniatures above the terrain effects that I add to the base. and gives a "larger than life" look and feel.

Once I paint the miniatures with a simple paint scheme, they look fantastic on the gaming table. Below is a picture of my painted miniatures. After that, is a picture of how the figures look painted on Pulp Figures' website. The reason I included the second picture is to give my readers an idea of how good these figures can look when painted by a true expert.

WW2 Soliders in Kilts Painted
My painted Highland miniatures. I am very happy with them and they look great on the Bolt Action gaming table.

Painted Highland Infantry
Above is how the miniatures are painted on Pulp Figures' website. Absolutely gorgeous!!! 

Now, let's take a closer look at the minis that I painted.

Painted British Soldier - WW2
Just love the movement sculpted into this mini. Looks great!

WW2 Miniature Review - British Soldier
Often, I use this guy as the leader of my Commando Squad.

Alternative Figures for Bolt Action - British
Great details all around the mini including pleats on the kilt. I really like how raised all of the details are on these miniatures. It makes painting them that much easier.

Bren Gunner Miniature
The Bren Gunner.

Bren Gunner
A look at the back of the model. Again, the way the raised details make these miniatures extremely easy to paint.
Boy's Anti-Tank Rifle Proxy Miniature for Bolt Action
A British Soldier firing a Boy's Anti-Tank Rifle from the hip.

I have heard some historical fans complain about this mini. They state that a man firing a Boy's Anti-Tank Rifle from the hip is unrealistic. Personally, I really like this miniature and think he feels just a little larger than life. :)

British Soldier with a Lewis Machine Gun
A soldier with a Lewis Gun.

British Soldier with a Lewis Machine Gun
No backpack on this one, but look at how raised the shoulder straps are for the bags. So easy to paint!!!

These miniatures look great and I really like how easy they are to paint. In the hands of a skilled painter, I am sure some real great work can be done with these figures. Scale-wise, they fit right in with Bolt Action. Below are some comparison shots between Warlord Games and Pulp Figures.

Please keep in mind that I keep part of the integrated bases on the minis to make them a little larger than life (and to help them stand out from the terrain on the base). The Warlord Plastics do not have this same base and that is the reason why they might look just a hair shorter. For the most part, they fit together well for scale.

Scale Comparison - Pulp Figures to Warlord Games (Bolt Action)
On the left is a Bren Gunner by Warlord Games (for Bolt Action) and on the right is a Pulp Figures Bren Gunner.

Scale Comparison - Pulp Figures to Warlord Games (Bolt Action)
On the left is a Pulp Figures SMG soldier. On the right, an SMG gunner by Warlord Games.

Overall, these are really great miniatures and I ]like them a lot. I use them as a Commando section in Bolt Action. Below is a picture of the two sets of miniatures together (the Highland Rifles and the Highland Special Weapons) to form a unit.

Alternative Miniatures for Bolt Action - British Soldiers / Commandos
My Highland Soldiers by Pulp Figures. Here we have the Rifles pack along with the Special Weapons pack to form a small unit. The unit is packing a tad too many heavy guns so I run the group as a 6 to 8 man Commando squad with an additional Boy's Anti-Tank Rifle Team.

To complete this collection, I will have to buy the Highland Infantry Command the next time that I see Crucible Crush at a show. That pack gives five more WW2 era Highland miniatures including a Rifleman, a Bagpiper, and 3 different Commanders (armed with pistols). Below is a picture of that collection from Pulp Figures' website.

Pulp Figures Highland Infantry Command Miniatures
The Highland Infantry Command set by Pulp Figures (PBT 12). Picture from Pulp Figures' website

While I use these miniatures for Bolt Action, Pulp Figures actively encourages people to play games by the Pulp Action Library as well as Pulp Alley and other companies.

If you haven't checked them out, head on over to their website and look around their catalogue. They have a number of miniatures that would make great proxy figures for Bolt Action and Konflikt '47.

For my friends overseas, these miniatures are available through North Star Military Figures.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Frostgrave AAR: The Breeding Pit (Into the Breeding Pits)

A while ago, Dave, Randall and I played a three game campaign day of Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits. This Battle Report is of our second game.

Forstgave Into the Breeding Pits AAR (Battle Report of The Breeding Pit)
The Map we used for "The Breeding Pit" scenario.
Just as in our last game, we used the TerraTiles: Tundras and Wastelands set as our terrain. This time, we used the tiles as a dungeon. Here, we used three stair cases and one cave entrance (front middle of the picture) as the entrances and exits to the dungeon.

We used the same warbands as the last game with slight improvements to our stats and spell casting abilities. The scenario we played this time was "The Breeding Pit." In this dungeon based scenario, new wandering monsters appear every round. We house ruled, as in the last game, that the Crumble Spell could create entrances through the cave walls to other areas. We played with all of the optional rules.

As far as treasure layout, we set up the treasures as below. Each red dot on the map represents a treasure. One of the three treasures on the left Dave created with a Reveal Secret spell.

Frostgrave Battle Report - The Breeding Pit
The Red Dots represent where the treasures were set out.
For a refresher, below are pictures of the warbands from our last adventure.

Frostgrave Necromancer Warband
Jacob's Necromancer, the Undertaker, and his warband. The big guy on the right is his Captain. The warband consists of a Necromancer, an Apprentice, 2 Theifs, 2 Javelineers, 1 Marksman, 1 Templar, 1 Treasure Hunter and a Captain

Frostgrave Illusionist Warband
Dave's Illusionist, Beorncrom the Quick, and his warband of Barbarians. His warband consists of an Illusionist and his Apprentice, 4 Thugs, 1 Crossbowman, 1 Assassin, and a Treasure Hunter

Frostgrave Sigilist Warband
Randall's Sigilist, Sister Beatrice (Keeper of the Word), and her warband. Her warband consists of Sister Beatrice, an Apprentice, 1 Treasure Hunter, 2 Thugs, 1 Templar, and an Assassin. 

Now back to "The Breeding Pit." Below is an image of the agreed upon deployment zones.

Frostgrave Deployment Zones - AAR on TerraTiles
Deployment Zones in Yellow. Treasures in Red.

Right off the top, the Undertaker was very aggressive. He sent his first group out for the treasure immediately to his left and cast Crumble on the nearby wall to create an entrance to the treasure on the bottom left (in Beorncrom's area). On his Apprentice's turn the Apprentice cast Crumble on the cave wall in front of him to create an entrance to another area of the caverns.

Frostgrave Battle Report
The Undertaker goes for the closest treasure and creates an opening for his minions to contest one of Beorncrom's treasures. 

Frostgrave AAR
The Apprentice would cast crumble on the wall in front of him to contest the treasure in the middle of the table. Meanwhile, a Thief in the group heads to the right to pick up the near by treasure. 

While the Undertaker goes for the closest treasures, so to does his opponents.

Sigilist Warband in Play - Frostgrave AAR
Sister Beatrice's group decides how to proceed. Looks pretty straight forward to me.  ;)

The Undertaker proceeds into Beorncrom's area and finds his split force over-powered. Beorncrom and the Undertaker make a pact to call off the fight and to allow Beorncrom to take the three treasures in his area.

Frostgrave Barbarian Warband
Beorncrom's group is the first to exit the map and load up on all three treasures in their playing area.

Having conceded the bottom left treasure to Beorncrom, the Undertaker doubles his efforts to take the treasure in the middle of the table. Meanwhile, a new monster enters the board every round. The first (and only) casualty of this game is the Undertaker's Zombie near the centre treasure.

Zombie takes out Zombie in Frostgrave
A Zombie Troll takes out the Undertaker's Zombie. Hardly seams fair.
Teddy for Malifaux in Frostgrave
At the end of the round, another monster spawns on the board. This time it is a Bear. For those that know Malifaux Figures, we used Teddy to represent a Bear. He looks horrifying!
Frostgrave Battle Report
The warband makes a cautious withdraw while carrying the treasure. Two big beasts currently threaten the treasure carrier. 

With so many creatures in the middle of the table, Sister Beatrice decides not to make a move on a second treasure. She instead withdraws her warband with just one treasure. Sadly, a Snow Leopard enters the battle right in front of her exit.

Frostgrave Battle Report on TerraTiles
A Snow Leopard blocks Sister Beatrice's exit.

Snow Leopard vs Wizard
Sister Beatrice is not scared, but is sad that she has to take out one of nature's creatures to safely leave the cave.

The Templar and Captain take out a monster in Frostgrave
The Captain and Templar take out the Bear while a Marksman holds off the Zombie Troll. The treasure bearer works his way towards the exit. 

Forstgrave AAR
To end, the Marksman and Treasure Hunter take out the Zombie Troll while the others make their way out of the cave system. Sister Beatrice has already left and Beorncrom is well on his way out of the caves with three treasures. Another Creature spawns. This time it is a Large Construct.

All three of the warbands exit the map without much fighting. There were no casualties (aside from a single, throwaway, Zombie in the Undertaker's warband). In fact, there was almost no player-on-player conflict. Sister Beatrice stayed out of the battle while the Undertaker and Beorncrom reached a truce. No side took a casualty (the Zombie does not count).

While there was limited player-on-player battles, the game system itself challenged the Undertaker's warband specifically. Both Beorncrom and the Undertaker make it off the board with three treasures a piece. Sister Beatrice was happy to exit with just one treasure without any incidents.

Overall, this was yet another fun game of Frostgrave. The players spent their experience to level up a couple of stats and better their spell casting. The Undertaker specifically took another level in fight and learned Flash (figured it made thematic sense since he is carrying a lantern).

Having played so many games with combat oriented Wizards, I was finding it pretty refreshing to play with three "non-combat" focused wizards. The deadliest spell any of the Wizards has is Furious Quill. Although there were no casualties in this game, the same would not hold true for the next...

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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