Friday, 30 September 2016

Forgotten Pacts "NickStarter" Starts Monday!!!

One product that I have been excited about for a while is the addition of Barbarian Clans to Frostgrave. North Star Military Figures has been promoting this lately on their Facebook page and I have been getting really excited about what is up and coming. To share the excitement, I wanted to re-post some of the images from North Star's Facebook Page (all images in today's post are from there).

Forgotten Pacts
Pre-Order Program for Forgotten Pacts goes live on Monday!

I have written about it before and I am really looking forward to this release and can't wait to see what is in the book and on the sprues! It will be available through Brigade Games in the USA or through North Star. Living in Canada, I will have to figure out which is the better place for me to import the product from once the campaign goes live. Normally, I buy my Frostgrave stuff from J&M Miniatures but I want to get in on these figures quickly so I plan to go straight to the company through the NickStarter. Check these guys out...




Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts


The Box of Plastic Barbarians. So Excited!!!

Osprey Publishing Forgotten Pacts
I am anticipating that this will be another fantastic book from Osprey Games.

For anyone that lives in the KW area and wants to try the game out, let me know. I have two armies and when I get the Plastic Barbarians, I will have three. Dave, you are on my list. We just have to find the time and place.  :)

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Showcase: CSD Mk1 Drone by RAFM Miniatures

In today's post, we look at the CSD Mk1 Drone by RAFM Miniatures. These Drones are available either individually or in an Infantry Drone Boxed from RAFM's USX: Modern Day Heroes Line. I purchased mine in individual blisters a number of years ago. Unlike the Cyber Reavers that I showcased earlier, I had a beginner's understanding of shading when I painted these models. As a result, these miniatures turned out better than the Cyber Reavers. Both are great little miniatures.

When I bought these guys, I intended to use them for USX: Modern Day Heroes. I used them for that, but I also used them for Role Playing Games and think they would be great in many different Skirmish games. I almost used them for A Fistful of Kung Fu as law enforcement robots and am wondering how they will fit into Rogue Stars. Now, I plan to proxy them in Konflikt '47 as an Automated Infantry Section. Check out these cool looking drones.

Robotic Miniatures
Two CSD Mk1 Drones by RAFM Miniatures.

Robotic Security Droid
These sleek robots have a "corporate security bot" feel to me. The little light on the top sells that feeling to me. That said, I don't want to be anywhere near a corporate security droid that mounts a Gatling gun. Perhaps it just fires rubber bullets. Anyone want to test that theory out?   :)

Shaded a little darker but still looks great
I shaded the second one a little more than the first. I think they both look great - especially considering that I painted them a number of years ago.

In Konflikt '47, the Automated Infantry Section comes in units of 2 to 5 men where each is armed with an MMG. They have the Large Infantry, Resilient, Slow and Automation special rules. These two RAFM robots are certainly larger than the standard infantry figures for Bolt Action, so thematically, I think they fit well as proxy models.

Miniatures Scale Comparison
Size Comparison between Warlord Games' British models and RAFM Miniatures' CSD Mk 1 Drones.

Scale Comparison
Size Comparison between Warlord Games' British models and RAFM Miniatures' CSD Mk 1 Drones.

Miniatures Scale Comparison
A size comparison of Konflikt '47 Automated Infantry models versus regular Bolt Action Infantry. As one can see, the official models are much taller than a regular Infantryman. Image from Clockwork Goblin's Website.

The official models are much taller than the RAFM Drones; however, the official models are not yet available by Warlord - so proxy models will do just fine. What do you think of these Drones by RAFM? Could you envision them working well in any specific miniatures games?

Showcase: Cyber-Reavers by Reaper Miniatures

Today, I would like to show my group of Cyber-Reavers by Reaper Miniatures. These "Terminator like" Robots come in a four pack and belong to the Chronoscope line. I believe that I bought mine through RAFM Miniatures at a convention a number of years ago. The reason that I am showcasing them today is because I plan to proxy them as British Armoured Infantry Section for my coming Battle Reports of Konflikt '47. While the British Armoured Infantry Section is not an automated unit, these robots fit the theme of British Armies experimenting with autonomous units in Konflikt '47. At the end of this article is a picture for size comparison purposes between these Reaper Minis and Minis by Warlord Games for Bolt Action.

Robots by Reaper Miniatures
Cyber-Reavers by Reaper Miniatures

While looking at these images, please keep in mind that the paint job on these guys was completed a number of years ago before I developed my shading and highlighting techniques. The bases are all painted a metallic silver to indicate that they are part of a robotic unit. When I first started painting miniatures, I painted their bases to show to which faction they belong. It is a carry-over from my boardgaming days and I originally intended for these figures to be used in skirmish games (such as USX: Modern Day Heroes by RAFM Miniatures). I anticipate that they will also be quite usable in the upcoming game Rogue Stars by Osprey Publishing. Now let's take a closer look at the figures.

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures

A Terminator Like Miniature by Reaper Miniatures
Considering that I painted them in two colours (plus a few more on the base) several years ago, they don't look too bad. Below is the scale comparison of the Reaper Miniatures Cyber-Reavers versus British Command Infantry by Warlord Games.

Warlord Games vs Reaper Miniatures Scale Comparison
A scale comparison of Reaper Miniatures to Warlord Games. To me, they look close enough to use those Robots as Proxies for a British Armoured Infantry Squadron.
I hope that my readers enjoyed this article and I would like to take a moment to thank Osprey Publishing for sending me my copy of Konflikt '47. I have been having a lot of fun with the book and am looking forward to getting in my first games for Battle Reports. If you like what you see, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook or on the Blog Page itself. 

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Konflikt '47 - British Lists

Since Osprey Games sent me my copy of Konflikt '47, I have been having a blast reading the book and planning how I am going to get in on the game. Today's Post is about the British army in Konflikt '47. Earlier, I discussed how players could get into Konflikt '47 cheaply using the contents from A Band of Brothers and Tank Wars for American and German Forces. My approach to the British will be different because the British are not in Bolt Action's starter set and because the British are the main force that I already play.

Instead, I will take a look at the new units in Konflikt '47 for the British. Of the four core nationalities presented in this book, it seems to me that the British have the fewest unique units. Many of the units that they get are thematically connected to autonomous fighting and heavy personal armour. They also have access to a couple of American lend-lease walkers and a light walker of their own. One thing that the new British Infantry is better at than any of the other nations is long range fire-power.

The first unique unit in the book is the Automated Infantry Section. I think these guys look great and I would love a couple of these models for my own collection. These Iron Giants are intended to be in the back-lines of the British ranks there to keep the soldiers safe. They carry MMGs by default and are Resilient, Automated and Slow. Automated units cannot assault, ambush or take reactions. They are rated as regulars and need to make an order test every time they receive an order but can move and fire fixed weapons. These guys come in units of 2 to 5 Automated Soldiers and put out an incredible amount of mobile firepower. They may not be as reliable as an MMG team due to having to take an orders action with every attack, but a unit of 5 of them can put out 20 MMG shots a round. These guys are also cheap at 30 points each. That is scary. Pay 20 points more for each soldier, and they can replace their MMG with a HMG - making them a high output threat to Resilient Infantry and lightly armoured vehicles.

Two Automated Infantry Soldiers fight along side a Regular Infantry Man. I think these models look great and would be fun to include in my army. Image from Clockwork Goblin's Website.

The next unit unique to the British is their take on Armoured Infantry. The Armoured Infantry Section is both Resilient (6+ to kill) and Tough (get a 5+ saving through when injured), making them the most well protected Heavy Infantry currently in the game. They are also armed with LMGs, giving them the best long range fire-power of all the Heavy Infantry. They are slow, but can be turned into tank hunting units if so desired by giving them Anti-Tank Grenades. A unit of them consists of 4 to 8 men. These guys seem pretty cool and since I don't own any of the official miniatures, I will likely proxy in some suitable miniatures by Reaper Miniatures to start. One light criticism that I have of the game, and this will come out more during my review, is that there is no way to equip your headquarter units in armour like this. Obviously, I am thinking that I would like to place either my German or British commanders in Power Armour.  :)
These are the British Armoured Infantry Soldiers by Warlord Games. Image from Warlord Games.

These are Cyber Reavers by Reaper Miniatures. These Terminator type figures will act as my proxy unit of British Heavy Infantry as I own 4 of them and do not own any of the Official Konflikt '47 products at this time (outside of the rule book). Image from Reaper Miniatures.
Another change for British Infantry from Bolt Action to Konflikt '47 is that they are allowed to upgrade their PIAT teams to Bazooka Teams. I think that represents a cool and fun modeling opportunity. As with all nations, the British are also allowed to now take up to two Anti-Tank teams with them to take on the additional heavy targets on the battlefield.

The British also have access to the Tesla Cannon, but unlike the Americans, they mount it on a Cromwell rather than a Sherman Chassis. I think that there might be a typo related to the points of the Cromwell-T as it is 50 points less that the Sherman-T (for Veteran tanks) and the only difference I can see between the two tanks is that the Sherman has the option to add a pintle-mounted MMG for extra points.

For walkers, the British can take the Grizzly Medium Assault Walker and Coyote Light Walker just the like Americans or bring in their own variant of the Coyote with the Guardian. The Guardian is like a Coyote but comes in with an added arm-mounted Flame Thrower. I think this Walker would be a perfect addition to my force. One thing that I really liked in the Walkers section is the flavour text for the Grizzly Assault Walker being used to help build defensive obstacles for British troops. That flavour text has me wanting to buy a Grizzly to add to my forces.

Universal Carriers are one of the units unique to the British that I like to have plenty of in my army. In Konflikt '47, the British can take many carriers. They can take Carriers as their troop transports and can convert those troop carrying transports to MMG Carriers if they remove the crew capacity. The Wasp (a Flame Throwing Open Topped Universal Carrier) is available as a tank choice and an Automated Carrier is available as an armoured car.

The Automated Carrier is particularly neat in that it has the automation special rule and carries twin turret-mounted light autocanons. I am very interested in seeing what this model will look like. In my mind, I am imagining something similar to the mini-support tank in the original X-Com. I can't wait to see the images from when Warlord starts showing pictures. There are some really neat conversions of Automated Carriers on Facebook, but again, I am looking forward to seeing the official models.

With the British Army Box slated to be released by Warlord Games in December, it will be neat to see what comes packed in the box. I am guessing it will come with 25 Regular Soldiers, an Armoured Infantry Section, a Cromwell with a Tesla Cannon and a Guardian Walker.

How I plan to get in is to use Proxy models to start. I have models by Reaper Miniatures and RAFM Miniatures that I can use to represent an Automated Infantry Section and an Armoured Infantry Section. Because I already own over 1500 points worth of British, I can already play Konflikt '47 without buying anything. That's right, armies from Bolt Action are fully usable in Konflikt '47. From there, I can add any of the weird war miniatures I want to make a more Konflikt '47 themed army.

If you are already into Bolt Action and into Weird Wars, I urge you to take a look further into Konflikt '47. Still to come from Must Contain Minis is a look at the Soviet units, some Battle Reports, and a review of the actual book.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Dreadfleet: Battle Report and First Impressions

This week, I visited my friend James and played his copy of Dreadfleet. Check out this set up. Amazing!!!

Dreadfleet Board / Miniatures Game
Dreadfleet on the Table
Now, this was my first time playing Dreadfleet and I found it to be a fun and exciting game. James hadn't played in a year or two so he was very happy to get the game to the table. As he should be. Look at how well he painted all of these miniatures.

The Black Kraken
The Curse of Zandri
The Skabrus
The Shadewraith
The Bloody Reaver
Grimnir's Thunder
The Seadrake
The Swordfysh
The Flaming Scimitar
The Heldenhammer
An Island. Definitely a Game by Games Workshop. Look at all those skulls.
Another Island
A Castle on an Island
A funky house on the back of a dead sea-turtle. 
Another Skull Island in Dreadfleet

James allowed me to choose which side to play as and I chose the Dreadfleet. The object of this scenario is to race forward and to pick up treasures. The player with the most treasure at the end of the turn countdown wins.

I deployed my ships in the corner mostly angling towards the middle of the table. The Skabrus was set to run straight down the board to pick up two stray treasures. 
James started with the Grand Alliance and set up in a similar fashion.
A Sea Monster emerges from the water and takes on the Grand Alliance right off the start.
The Dwarf ship, Grimnir's Thunder, presses forward and takes the Sea Monster out with a volley of fire.
The Curse of Zandri moves up and positions itself so it could anchor on that island and send out a Cog on the next turn.
The Grand fleet move up their Swordfish and open fire on The Curse of Zandri. The Curse of Zandri catches fire.
To counter the Swordfish, The Bloody Reaver pulls forward and opens fire. Not too much damage was done with this attack.
What happens next is absolutely devastating to The Bloody Reaver. The Heldenhammer pulls up behind and lights The Bloody Reaver up with a full barrage of cannon fire. The Bloody Reaver takes damage and loses some crew. With two ships already damaged, the Dreadfleet is not holding well against the Grand Alliance. 
The Black Kraken thinks about taking on the Heldenhammer but instead submerges and reappears right behind the Swordfish.
While The Black Kraken engages the Swordfish in close combat, it also fires its Cannons at The Flaming Scimitar. The Flaming Scimitar becomes a one hit wonder and sinks after a single volley out of the Kraken. The Kraken's fire was extra effective because it hit the Magazine on the ship. 
A closer shot of the Kraken taking on the Swordfish and Flaming Scimitar.
The Heldenhammer moves on a collision course with The Shadewraith... 
And Opens fire on The Bloody Reaver. More damage is taken.
Pictured above is how the scene is looking at the end of the second turn. The Dreadfleet has sunk one Alliance ship while the Grand Alliance has set one ship ablaze and heavily damaged the Dreadfleet Flagship. Good thing for the Dreadfleet, that Flagship regenerates. 
This is where the main action was taking place. The Curse of Zandri picks up a treasure and so does the Swordfish. Not pictured here is The Seadrake which is also now transporting a treasure.
The Heldenhammer pushes forward and changes its target to The Shadewraith. This is bad news for the smaller ship. It holds up, but is damaged heavily. 
The Bloody Reaver joins in on the fight between the Kraken and Swordfish to perform a boarding action.
The Swordfish is overwhelmed and drops the treasure it was carrying.
Meanwhile, Grimnir's Thunder steams towards the Skabrus. 
The Skabrus, now carrying a treasure, readies for battle.
The Black Kraken engages yet another ship in close combat. Grimnir's Thunder in in trouble. 
The Black Kraken takes on Grimnir's Thunder with the help of the Skabrus. The Skabrus is a perfect match for Grimner's Thunder because Grimnir's Thunder has a high armour value that the Skabrus ignores as its special ability. 
The Heldenhammer destroys The Shadewraith with plenty of cannon fire, but is now in a position to sail off the board. Notice that The Curse of Zandri is no longer on the board. It was destroyed and its treasure now floats in front of The Bloody Reaver. Unfortunately for the Dreadfleet, they are out of Cogs. The score now sits at 2 to 1 for the Grand Alliance. There are treasures on the Skabrus, the Seadrake and Grimner's Thunder all have treasures aboard.
Avoiding a fight to protect its treasure, the Seadrake encounters a sea monster. This monster proves easy to dispatch.
With the Seadrake out of danger's way, whether the game is a draw or win comes down to this battle here. To win, the Grand Fleet needs to have Grimnir's Thunder hold up in a boarding action fight against the Black Kraken, The Bloody Reaver and the Skabrus.
Grimnir's Thunder does not hold up and the ship sinks. Its treasure floats away because the Dreadfleet has no Cogs left to pick up treasures. 
This game ends in a draw and the Heldenhammer sails off into the sunset. 

I hope that my readers enjoyed this Battle Report. I have wanted to play this game for years, and when James gave me the offer, I jumped at opportunity. Since he knows I like to dive full-in and use all the units right off the start, James chose out this treasure hunting scenario to use all of the Ships and Cogs in the box. Overall, I was very pleased with my gaming experience. The game is fun and simple enough, but still has a large degree of strategy. This strategy aspect came very apparent to me when James brought the Heldenhammer behind The Bloody Reaver and took shots clear through the ship. It was devistating. I also had The Curse of Zandri on fire and taking heavy damage before I did much of anything to James's fleet.

While strategy got James off to a great start, luck also plays a big roll in this game. This luck factor was evident when I one-shot killed his Flaming Scimitar with my Black Kraken. There is also a lot of randomness to the events and wind direction in this game. Whether the events drawn create skulls raining from the sky (it is GW afterall) or a Sea Monster in front of an enemy vessel, randomness is the great equalizer to skill. This means that a new (or young) player can play and there is a chance that they could win no matter the skill gap. That said, skill really increases one's odds in winning.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable game and I would play it again if it was offered. James did mention to me that the missions in the book are set up in a campaign story and that we were playing one of the missions from closer to the end of the book. No matter what one thinks of the game Dreadfleet, there is no denying that it is gorgeous. GW put some great production values into this game. It is a shame that it was recalled and discontinued.

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