Thursday, 19 May 2016

An Introduction

Welcome to my Blog. This is pretty much an experiment for me as I do not know how much time I will have to dedicate to a Blog, but it is something that I have thought about doing for a while now.

It has been a long time since I have published anything to the web but I figured that it would be nice to practice my writing skills while discussing a topic that interests me. One of my strongest obsessions is to games containing miniatures. I love miniature games of all types and most board games (especially those with miniatures in them). To be honest, a board game will not make it into my collection unless it contains minis. If there are no minis, it goes into my wife's collection. I plan to focus my content towards the miniatures and board games that I currently play.

RAFM Miniature
A USX: Modern Day Heroes Miniature by RAFM (Mad Daddy) in front of a 4Ground house. RAFM 

Miniature games that I currently collect include Flames of War, Bolt Action, and Frostgrave. I also have a good collection of painted board games and plan to post pictures and reviews of that despite the games being a little older.

Some tanks that I am working on for Bolt Action: Tank Wars by Warlord Games

Hopefully this gives you a taste of what to expect.


  1. Welcome aboard, mate.

    I've been steadily blogging about the hobby since 2008, and it's brought me a lot of joy and some great friends: in real life as well as online!

    Started with 40k just before the web went nuts with 40k blogs, and I've since matured a bit into first Flames of War and more recently X-Wing and, of course, the delight that is Bolt Action!

    All the best with it, eh?!

    - Drax

    1. Thank you Drax.

      So far it has been a lot of fun and I met some interesting people from the blogging. Your Blog is great, by the way. :)


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