Thursday, 19 May 2016

Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game

Games published by Fantasy Flight Games are almost always amazing for the miniatures that come within. In 2009, I purchased and painted up my copy of Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game. This is the second board game that I had ever painted. The first was Descent (First Edition) and two of its expansions. I no longer have Descent or any pictures of my completed work on that project.

Aquilonia is my favourite faction to play in this game. They win by military might. 
As you can see, the figures painted up very well for soft figures in a board game. 

Overall, Age of Conan is a solid game that plays very well. At its core, it is an area control game with an interesting scoring system and a fate dice mechanic that adds an interesting twist to (forgive me for saying it) a Risk like game. Conan is not the main focus of the game but rather a wild card element that goes around interacting with all the players. I find the true secret to winning is to help Conan with his quests as best as you can, but the focus is still on empire building and zone of control.

In this game, there are four factions. You can see the other Kingdoms below.

Turan works best if you focus on Gold and Emissaries. 

Stygia is a Kingdom that focuses on Dark Magic

Hyberborea seems to focus on magic and brut strength. 

Each Kingdom has a different feel and best pathway to victory. Of course, you can't play Age of Conan without Conan. 

In all, I painted 170 miniatures to complete this game. 

This game does not hit the table that often anymore, but when it does, it feels great to use a fully painted version.

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  1. Some games don't benefit all that much from paining miniatures. This one though REALLY does. Great work!


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